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Our Process

How We Work

Each client is unique; however, most clients have a few similar goals in common…Security & Prosperity! We will work with you, through every stage of life, to construct an investment, retirement and insurance plan that will ensure you the greatest probability of success. We believe that getting to know our clients in the Discovery and Welcome phase is paramount to the onboarding process. The insights we gain in these stages enable us to develop strategies in the Analysis stage which are uniquely geared to realize your specific goals. The journey to financial security and prosperity is not a static endeavor. It is our goal to forge lifelong relationships with each client. We encourage clients to meet with us regularly to monitor your financial journey to better ensure you are continually on the right track to reach your financial goals. Life will always throw curve balls, and we will be here to help adjust your financial strategy during these tribulations and pitfalls.

Our Process


Listen and learn what is important to you? What are your financial priorities? What are your unique challenges?


Discuss the investment approach, Disclosure of account fees, Structure and Signatures/Sign-ons


Determine your risk tolerance, Gather data, Evaluate your current investments, and Identify solutions for your unique situation


Transfer existing assets into agreed upon investment vehicles/strategies, Establish a schedule for type and frequency of future communications/meetings

Ongoing Communications

Ongoing strategy and performance meetings, Monitor progress toward financial goals, Adjust your plan as life unfolds, and Continuously review retirement projections